I bet No! So, here’s the rest of the story…It was already Monday when we decided where to go for the long weekend. We first thought of going to Puerto Galera but due to some unknown reasons we ended up going to The Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. (*That’s what we really get when most of the decision makers are GIRLS! lol! *) But I think what really drove us to Hundred Islands is what we expect to see and experience there. We wanted to see personally those islands we used see in post cards and televisions. It’s a first time for the most of us to get there!

As it was planned, we left Manila Wednesday night. We didn’t have the chance to book ourselves bus tickets so we have to queue in a hundred-meter-long line along with the other passengers going to Alaminos, Pangasinan. Just imagine the “siksikan” and “singitan” scenes. For me, that was really hell! Just got lucky… we were able to ride the non-air-conditioned bus after waiting for about 2 hours standing in the line. *toinks!*


We arrived to Alaminos, Pangasinan at around 3 in the morning. I felt so exhausted because of having not-so-enough sleep in the bus but I didn’t let it devastate my excitement. Tricycles brought us to Barangay Lucap where the Hundred Islands wharf is located. We didn’t brought a lot except for our personal belongings so we didn’t had the choice but to buy the sky-rocketing-priced foodstuffs from one of the stores there. Everything was so expensive!!! It was all set, the boat that will bring us to Quezon Island was contacted,  we rented a tent, and we bought food enough for two days!

We decided to leave before sunrise. Our destination is the farthest of the 3 fully developed islands. We passed through other islands and witnessed the beautiful sunrise. What else could I say, it was amazing!

Finally, we arrived to the Quezon Island! The feeling is ecstatic. I can’t help but wonder how these islands were formed. It took us approximately 30 minutes from the Lucap wharf to the get to the island. When it’s time dodge off the boat, it seems like I don’t want to, I really enjoyed the sail, and I felt like a child again at that very moment.

After keeping our things safe, Xai and I went off swimming then. Lol! I always like to swim, I love water. I rented a life vest and snorkeling thingamabobs to see fishes and giant clams under water. It didn’t frustrate me. I was really able see a lot of them! Our routine was SWIM…EAT…SWIM…EAT! The place is a paradise! *except for the scarce fresh water*

Since I didn’t have enough sleep, I took a long nap and I wasn’t able to get back to the water because it was already dark. We went sober that evening and had so much fun. After that night, I woke up early in morning with an aching head! There’s no medicine! WTF! And so I did soothe myself drinking a lot of water. Lol! After a while, I went off swimming again…wasting no time and enjoying the last minutes of our stay.

We left at 10 o’clock in the morning, we had the chance to island hop for 20 minutes. We went first to Children’s Island and then to Governor’s Island. We were surprised to see Tuesday Vargas, Coy Placido of Session Road and her colleagues there. After some photo shoots, we left the island to get back to the Lucap wharf.

The hundred islands is one of a kind summer destination. Be there and love the experience!
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  1. Hi! I was just wondering if where did you guys keep your things safe in quezon island while you were swimming? I’ll be there this march. Thanks!

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