The Day I Started Blogging

I’ve been aware of web logs “blogs” for a long time but since I’m always busy at work and in my other hobbies, I didn’t gave much attention to it. Until this day came… the greatest turmoil in my even-before-chaotic life has arrived. I need to get some sidelines, the expenses are out of hands, bills here… bills there! OMG!

So, I have thought of blogging, a lot of people said that there’s money in it but you have to invest hard work and a lot of patience. Hmmmm… I think I have that!

I’ve visited a lot of blog sites of my friends, web developer’s blog, making money online blogs and even Brian Gorrell’s blog! lol! From the last time I checked out his blog, he said that he already had $5,000 in his paypal account. A lot of people gave donations in his blog site. See? *– and I’m gonna put some paypal button too!*

And so, this is it! I hope this will give me some fortune! Thanks for reading!
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