It was just 3 weeks ago when I was savoring the unequaled moments I had with my friends in Talisay. I’m back again to the perimeters of Taal Volcano. Oh no! But who will say NO when you’re going to stay in the luxurious and very expensive hotel, the Taal Vista Hotel!

All I can say when we were approaching the hotel’s lounge is WOW! I was amazed even more when I saw the backdrop of Lobby lounge and Café on the Ridge. It’s the enthralling view of the Taal volcano and lake. It was breath taking!


Coming there was not for leisure or anything, it was work-related so to say. Haha! I was with the Santa Rosa group for PATAS-BPLS seminar. We have to present to them the current status of the system and the future plans for the project. Luckily, we did a great job! Every effort we did was appreciated… I enjoyed every moment of it. From the glorious food we ate, spectacular scenery, fresh air and comfy room… I can’t ask for anything more!

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