4 A.M.

Those past weeks I have been so busy. I haven’t written anything here. What makes me busy anyway? Freelancing…My Regular Job…Self-studying…Chores…Traffic…Four hours of sleeping…Lovelife! 😀 LOL!

For me, life is not a bore. As what I thought it was before. It’s full of problems, challenges, bad and happy endings everyday. Am I talking non-sense again? hmmm… I just feel like writing this early in the morning. I’m waiting for my Joomla installation to get finished in my other site. I just realized that I have to upgrade it. Took it for granted for months already. Lots of plans, I just don’t have enough time, I am thinking how to make 24 hrs longer. hehehe!

Only 700+ files left to finished uploading. 30 minutes more and I’m heading to sleep. I need to be up by 9am, Overtime… My life has never been this busy!

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