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Salesforce.com Spring ’15 Maintenance Exam Q & A

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Salesforce.com Force.com Developer Spring ’15 Maintenance Exam Test Questions & Answers

  1. What action types are supported with Lightning Process Builder? Answers: A, C
    1. Post to Chatter
    2. Outbound Message
    3. Create a Record
    4. Create a Field
  2. What is a capability of report notifications? Answer:  B, D
    1. Users can configure automatic report notifications for public groups.
    2. Users can schedule how often notifications are sent for each report.
    3. Users can schedule report notifications for their subordinates.
    4. Users can subscribe to reports and set the notification criteria.
  3. How can Lightning Process Builder be used to automate business processes? Answers:  A, D
    1. Create an order renewal when an opportunity is won.
    2. Prevent users from deleting accounts with open opportunities.
    3. Define the steps and approvers in an approval process.
    4. Send an email when a case has been open for 30 days.
  4. How can an administrator make the Manager Groups feature available for use? Answers:  C
    1. Add the Manager Groups permission to selected profiles.
    2. Enter a request for Salesforce to enable Manager Groups.
    3. Enable Manager Groups under Organization-Wide Defaults.
    4. Create an unlisted Chatter group for managers.
  5. What is a true statement about the Analytics Cloud? Answers:  C, D, E
    1. It requires installation of a managed package.
    2. It synchronizes with Salesforce reporting.
    3. It analyzes data from Salesforce and external sources.
    4. It consumes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.
    5. It is accessible on iOS mobile devices.
  6. What is a capability of sharing using the Manager Groups feature? Answers:  A, B
    1. Users can share records with the Manager Group through manual sharing.
    2. Users can share records up or down their management chain.
    3. Users with any Salesforce license type can be included in a Manager Group.
    4. Users can add Manager Groups to other groups for sharing purposes.

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