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I got my first $$$ from my online freelance job!

Published by under Featured on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 3:53 am

I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now! The post title is true! I got it already after waiting for 8 days since I withdrew it from my PayPal account last Wednesday.

Last week, I had $32.10 for 9 hours of work I have rendered in Odesk. My payment is released in Odesk every Wednesday of the week. I transferred my earnings to my PayPal account immediately and it was successful. Odesk charged me $1 (for PayPal) for the withdrawal fee. Then I checked my PayPal account, it was there already! Next, I withdrew $30 from PayPal and transferred it to my China Bank account here in the Philippines. PayPal has its own conversion rate, it’s $1 = Php 42.9843. So, my dollars became Php 1,289.53. Again, I was charged Php 50 for transferring it to my local bank. How much was left? Php 1,239.53! ):

According to PayPal, my funds would be available after 5-7 business days. And yes it was right! I had the fund today in my ATM but with only Php 1,039.53!!! Where the hell is the Php 200? I googled for the possible answer. I read from blogs of fellow internet entrepreneurs that some banks (including China Bank, BDO, etc.) take Php 200 for the remittance fee! WTF! that’s double ): !

Anyway, I’m still happy! I’ve learned some lesson. I will withdraw my other funds in bigger amounts, I’ll just save it first. By the way, I just tried it if the transferring of funds really work! I have requested a Debit Card already from Odesk (Payoneer) to make the transaction a little faster and no bank can take again some of my money! LOL!


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