Today is not my DAY!

I woke up 7:01 A.M. I am supposed to get up earlier because I’m bound to Lipa City for Technical Support. I simply hate waking up early! I’m such a nocturnal person. I had a quick shower and wore my clothes for 5 minutes! Wheew!
I left the house at 7:35 A.M. and I have to bear the irritating traffic from F. Reyes St. to Sta. Rosa Comm’l Complex because all the shuttle buses are there. I arrived to Complex 20 minutes after (if there’s no traffic it should only take 5 minutes). I went to the terminal, paid my fare and I was just waiting for shuttle to leave when my phone rang. It was my boss telling me to postpone my Lipa appointment and just go back to Santa Rosa City hall because I’d be coming with the SR Group going to Tagaytay the next day! WTF!
So, I went back to the city hall. I took a little rest and opened my laptop. As part of my daily routine, I checked my website and see how’s it going. To my surprise I can’t browse it! WTF again! I checked my web host’s administrator account and found out that it’s having an issue with my DNS!

Here’s the error:
Your domain is not yet pointing our server, so services such as FTP, Website Builder or File Manager may not work. You need to update name servers to, for your domain. This warning will be removed once your domain will start resolving to our server (24-48 hours after name server update).

I checked my domain registrar and found no problems there, it was pointing right to & name servers ever since the day I set up the I sent a report ticket to the 000webhost for them to fix their own problem. I just hope this will be fixed soon coz I simply can’t live a day without seeing my queer website. It definitely ruined my day up to this very moment I’m writing this blog! Wheeeww!


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