5:17 A.M.

Yes! It’s 5:17 A.M. and I’m still wide awake…

Earlier yesterday, I finally purchased my own shared hosting in web.com.ph. This is where I purchased my domain name also. What made me do that anyway? Well, I got pissed of 000webhost.com’s free hosting service. Their servers are always down and it’s irritating! I’m sure you’ll ask me how much did it cost me to get a shared hosting? Well, my 1 piece of cigarette cost more than that a day! lol! See how cheap it is! What I’m just obliged is that I have to renew my domain name and host yearly but I don’t care! This makes me happy everyday each time I see my own place in the web.

Setting up my site again wasn’t easy as I have thought. Thanks God I’m a Programmer! 😀 000webhost ftp wasn’t working anymore and I can no longer browse my wp admin panel. The DNS set up was messed up, I don’t know what they have done with it coz I haven’t touched it for months.  What I did is back up my wp database from 000webhost panel, opened mySQL script and executed in my new host those data that I need to make my site alive again.

How about my physical files? Thanks God 000webhost did not disappoint me. I discovered that they have this feature that you can still browse your public_html files even though your ftp doesn’t work anymore. I was also able to access my files by changing the ftp host name to the actual I.P. address.

At the moment, I’m transferring my files to my new host. I’m hoping that it will be better coz it is not free anymore!


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