Blogging at wee hours

I can’t think of a very nice title for my post but I think that’s still cool. LOL!

No matter how I try to convince myself to sleep, my brain doesn’t agree with the idea. I have abnormal sleeping habits, I like to be awake from 12 midnight to 5am and sleep until 12 noon or so.

I’m not really depriving myself from enough sleep coz actually it’s one of my favorite thing to do. It’s just that I prefer to sleep during the day! Sometimes, I’d like to apply for jobs that have graveyard shifts! hahaha! I really hate waking up early but I have no choice during weekdays coz I have to go to the office so I sleep at least 4 to 6 hours.

Why is it that I like to be wide awake during those hours? It’s simple… I find peace in it. Nobody disturbs me,  No noisy neighbors 😀 , I can focus easily to what I want to do… I can contemplate. Is there something bothering me? Yes, there is and a lot. I always have deep thoughts on anything and everything that happens to me and to my surrounding. That’s one reason why I’m having a hard time sleeping, I think a lot. Oppps, symptoms of an Anti-Social person! Yes, much likely! I’m anti-social… a loner…I have my own world! I’m fine with my laptop, internet and drinking WATER. 😀 Everybody don’t seem to see it coz I easily get along with people. I talk and throw jokes a lot in a group!  I think I’m still normal. This is just the way I am.

It’s time for me to sleep now… Ciao!

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