Working in Singapore has opened the opportunity for me to travel and explore new places. The first in my bucket list is to visit its neighboring country, Malaysia. Eversince, my girlfriend and I were very fascinated with Petronas Twin Towers and we’ve been wanting to see it in person. 

Getting to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore is easy, you can either take a bus or a plane. According to some of my friends, it will take us 5 hours by bus so I decided to just book a plane ticket to save time because it’s only a 1-hour flight and the ticket is not so expensive (I got the ticket for S$198 for 2 persons, ain’t bad right?). We left Singapore on August 8th, 2013 at 11PM and we arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport at past midnight. What really surprised me is, how far-flung the airport is to the city! I just think that it shouldn’t be called KLIA because it’s not really located in KL, it’s in Sepang. Good thing, I’ve researched enough before going there. I have booked Concorde Inn near (not-so-near, actually) the airport for the night.


The next morning, we transferred to Hotel Maya in KLCC. This hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Petronas  Twin Towers and I can say that it made our stay in KL a wonderful one. The price(S$108) is just right for the great accommodation and a very nice, unblocked sight of the Twin Towers. (See the image gallery below for proof. Haha!) 

We only had one day to explore the city, so we headed to the famous Batu Caves first via LRT and KTM Komuter. The place is indeed an attraction because when we reached the Batu Caves station, we can already see the long queue of tourist waiting to board the train. We just spent like 2 hours climbing the stairs, exploring the caves, and taking some pictures in there. We were lucky enough to get a cab to bring us to our next stop, the Central Market. We bought some souvenirs and ate our late lunch in Secret Recipe. I can still remember the way they served our orders, we waited for like 40 minutes and of course it made me more hungry! After following up our orders, Voilà! Our orders served all at once (appetizer, main course and dessert)!  

We went back to the hotel and rested for a while. We waited for the Twin Towers to light up and then we went there to take more pictures. It’s just so magnificent! I can’t help but really admire how they’ve built it.


Our experience in Kuala Lumpur is unforgettable… How I wished we had more time to explore it. We will definitely comeback. 🙂

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