Spring ’14 Maintenance Exam Q & A Developer Spring ’14 Maintenance Exam Test Questions & Answers


Note: Questions and answers may not be in this order. I’m not giving the assurance that the answers are 100% correct but this made me pass the maintenance exam. 🙂


  1. What is the capability of Data Import Wizard? Answers: B, D
    1. Field mappings can be saved and used in later imports.
    2. Example import values are displayed to help with field mapping.
    3. Records can be imported for all standard and custom objects.
    4. An import file can be dragged into the wizard for uploading.
  2. What option is available to user when building a dashboard? Answers:  C, D
    1. Add up to 50 components in a single dashboard.
    2. Display data from multiple reports in a single component.
    3. Display fractions as percentages in a table component.
    4. Group and name dashboard filter values. 
  3. How can an administrator control access to the Salesforce1 mobile application? Answers:  A,B
    1. Enforce IP restrictions for mobile devices.
    2. Define which users have login access.
    3. Create and assign a mobile configuration.
    4. Assign the mobile user a standard profile.
  4. How can an administrator customize reporting for users? Answers:  B,D
    1. Limit the number of reports a single user can create.
    2. Remove footer information from exported reports.
    3. Enable historical trending reports for campaigns.
    4. Hide report types from all users.
  5. What is a capability of Salesforce Orders? Answers:  B,C
    1. Account and contract fields on an order can be modified.
    2. Reduction orders can be created to process product returns.
    3. Orders can be created directly from an account or contract.
    4. An order can be associated with multiple price books.


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  1. Cathy,

    I find your notes really helpful – do you have anything for the for the Administrator Maintenance Exam for Spring & Summer 14 (as this is 13 questions) & I assume the notes posted relate to the Developer exam?


  2. Hi Andrew,

    I’m only maintaining the Developer certification that’s why I don’t have the Administrator Q & A. Just keep on googling, I know there are others who are posting it. 🙂


  3. Hi,
    I completed salesforce dev-401 certification in october, there any need to complete summer 14 maintainace i got mail to complete winter15..please help me..

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