Winter ’15 Maintenance Exam Q & A Developer Winter ’15 Maintenance Exam Test Questions & Answers

Note: Questions and answers may not be in this order. Once again, I’m not giving the assurance that my answers are 100% correct but this made me pass the maintenance exam. Good luck! 🙂


  1. A tabular report can be used as the source report for which Dashboard component? Answers: D
    1. Metric
    2. Stacked Bar Chart
    3. Gauge
    4. Table
  2. Users at Universal Containers often need to update the Status and Amount of an opportunity using the Salesforce1 mobile application. How can this common update be expedited? Answer:  A, D
    1. Create a custom action on the Opportunity object using a Visualforce page.
    2. Create a mobile-only page layout for the Opportunity object.
    3. Create a global update action on the Chatter feed.
    4. Create an object-specific update action on the Opportunity object.
  3. What is a feature of unlisted groups in Chatter? Answers:  A, C
    1. Users with the Manage Unlisted Groups permission can access unlisted groups.
    2. Users can ask for permission to join unlisted groups.
    3. Members of an unlisted group can view the group in list views and search results.
    4. Users with the Modify All Data permission can access unlisted groups.
  4. What is a capability of Advanced Setup Search? Answers:  A, C
    1. Search for individual Setup items, such as workflow rules, by name.
    2. Bookmark specific items listed in the Setup search results.
    3. See which object an item is associated with in the Setup search results.
    4. Search for a specific file stored in the Shared Documents folder.
  5. Universal Containers uses a custom object to track open job positions and would like to send an automatic email to the hiring manager when a position is moved to the closed stage. What can be used to accomplish this? Answers:  A
    1. Workflow rule
    2. Auto-response rule
    3. Escalation rule
    4. Cross-object formula


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